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Important Note if you plan to enroll during the night
You must wait until after 12:01am to login to MyAU on the date your registration period begins or you may not be able to add courses.

Online Registration

You may use online registration if you are an "admitted" degree or certificate/certification seeking student and do not have a Hold on your account. 
Holds appear in the Personal Info section of MyAU (click "My profile & settings" link near top right of screen and go to Academic Information).   Contact the office noted if you are unsure why you have a Hold.  Note: Warnings listed will not prevent online registration.

Traditional Undergraduate students must meet with their advisor/s prior to registration.  Secondary Education minor students must also meet with their Education advisor.  Student Athletes must also meet with their Faculty Athletic Representative for all Drop or Add course changes.
Graduate students and all Advantage students should check with their advisor or program office for advising information, registration requirements and last date to enroll information.
Online Registration begins at 12:01am on the following dates:

Traditional Undergraduate for Spring:

    November 1st - Seniors who have earned 85 or more credit hours and Post Baccalaureate

    November 2nd - Juniors who have earned 55 - 84 credit hours

    November 3rd - Sophomores who have earned 25 - 54 credit hours

    November 4th - Freshmen who have earned 1 - 24 credit hours

To verify your class year, click "My profile & settings" link near top right corner of screen and go to Academic Information.


Institute Undergraduate for Spring:

    Avila Institute Undergraduate-  Starts November 1st for Spring.


All Graduate Programs for Spring:  

    Graduate Institute and Business (MBA)  -  Starts October 25th for Spring.                                   

    Graduate Education -  Starts October 25th for Spring.

    Graduate Kinesiology -  Starts October 25th for Spring.

    Graduate Psychology -  Starts October 25th for Spring.


For all students, paper registration begins the same dates as shown above.  Check with your advisor or department for additional information and questions.


Note for all students:  Go to for deadlines for dropping classes by any method (online, paper, etc.).
You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.
For additional general academic and related information not found in MyAU, visit  .

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